Give Sope's story is rooted in faith, personal transformation and social responsibility. It reflects the founder's realization that success is not just about material wealth and focusing on oneself, but also about lending a helping hand to those in need. This emotional journey forms the core of Give Sope's identity and serves as a driving force behind our mission.

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Give Sope was born out of Angel‘s personal journey from superficial success to a desire for meaningful impact. After experiencing a period of loss and rediscovery of his faith, he was inspired to address the homeless crisis he witnessed while living in Downtown Los Angeles. The purpose of Give Sope is to change the narrative of success, emphasizing the importance of giving back and supporting underprivileged communities











Give Sope envisions a global presence, impacting communities worldwide. The brand's influence will go beyond products, making a significant contribution to spreading awareness on social justice issues and global transformation. Give Sope aims to redefine cleanliness, restore dignity, and foster hope in the lives of those we serve.


Give Sope's mission is to restore dignity to the marginalized. Our mission is to create a positive and lasting impact by providing essential hygiene products to underserved communities, restoring value, and promoting social change. Give Sope addresses the needs of homelessness, child trafficking, and other vulnerable groups. Our focus is on practical love, social transformation, and promoting sustainability through hygienic care and advocacy. Give Sope is not only a business, it is a movement of people who care.


Victor Angel’s Bio:

A native of Los Angeles California, and serial entrepreneur since the age of 11, it was evident that servant leadership, mentorship, & motivation would be his life’s journey. Angel is passionate about the people he serves, his impact upon their lives and its unparalleled conviction to treat those he meets equally the way God desires. Angel has a unique ability to connect with the unreachable and sees the potential in the under appreciated and helps the broken to see their value.

Kayla’s Bio:

Born and raised in Pasadena, California, and an entrepreneur by profession, founded her new passion when serving with Angel in summer of 2021. Her purpose in life is now being a great mother along with being the best helper to her husband at home and their business endeavors! Kayla has a unique gift to uplift and bring encouragement and healing to those she serves with her contagious smile and kind heart. She identifies with the broken and can speak life to those that feel unworthy as she has the ability to reignite their purpose here on earth.

Robert Jacobo's Bio:

As a storyteller, He is the Narrator behind the movement for Give Sope, I'm deeply aligned with the organization's mission to provide assistance and hope to those experiencing homelessness. My role involves sharing the compelling stories of individuals living on the streets, listening to their journeys, and shedding light on their challenges and triumphs. Through storytelling, I aim to not only raise awareness about homelessness but also to inspire compassion and support within our community. Together, we help those in need find solace and a moment of relaxation through acts of love and kindness, contributing to the organization's overarching goals of providing hope and assistance to the homeless population.